Two birds in America

Not very often I talk about music here on the blog, wich is a little bit strange, since I love music. I love singing. I breath when I´m singing. I get so inspired by some music. Maybe I should start sharing some videos and songs here. For those of you who are new here I can tell you that Jennys husband Emanuel and I have a band we call two birds. Distant diying make the mechendise and my husband John play the drums with us. The little gang we make, went to Americe in the beginning of the summer. Vacation was the main reason we went but we got the oportunity to play with two bird two times. We shot a little video. We speak a little swedish but mostly its sample from our unmixed and coming album. Take a look above. Want me to share more music with you now and then? You just wait…

Skriver förvånansvärt lite här på bloggen om musik med tanke på att det är en så stor del av mitt liv. Här kommer en lite film om när mitt band two birds var i USA. Yes. Det är Jenny och lilla E som syns på slutet. Och min älskade John. Vilket gäng va? 


Oh people, if you haven´t checked out Emanuel and Ellens band page I tell you it is a must do! I am so proud of these two. They make wonderful music, write beautiful lyrics and create splendid live performances. They are honestly one of my very favourite bands right now. So please please check them out, and don´t miss their album release later this fall!

x/jenny, a big fan.



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