The pig safari

20120802-234457.jpgI have had a totally new experience today. For the first time in my life I have been on a pig safari! Now this sounds really really strange I know, but it was actually a great experience that I highly recommend. It was a chance for us urban kids to see what an ecological pig farm was about. And how different it is to a regular pig farm – I tell you it is a difference. And it very much spurs me on in buying ecological food.
I love meeting people that decide to go for what they believe is right even if the wallet says something else. It inspires me and helps me in the right direction. Thank you mr farmer and mrs farmer, keep up the great work!20120802-235506.jpgWhen we were seated in the wagons and all ready to head off, a little girl walked by us and asked her mum what we were doing. Me and E started laughing – we felt s o much like monkeys in a cage or city people on the loose, ha ha!

20120803-000047.jpgMy favorite sight at the farm was this little cousin-kiosk two young girls where in charge of. In there they sold goodies they had baked and it was such a great DIY experience – you take what you have and make something beautiful of it!


20120803-000443.jpgSo if you ever visit south of Sweden I definitely recommend a visit at Voxtorpsgården

Idag har vi varit på grissafari på KRAVmärkta Voxtorpsgården – något jag verkligen rekommenderar varmt om du har vägarna förbi!



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