A must see

20120725-135551.jpgWhen we were in Nashville some weeks ago me and Ellen randomly walked into this super fabulous store





20120725-140049.jpgwhen we told the store worker we were on a visit from Sweden a guy turned around telling us he just got back from Sweden. And since he was a drummer in a band that’s playing at Frizon he was going back the same week – Oh how small this world is!!!
He told us how much he loves Sweden and the Swedish lifestyle and then he said something that made me really proud. He said Swedish people had taught him to stop buying new stuff all the time, but instead treasure the clothes and things you have. He said he’d learned that a pair of jeans can not just be replaced by an other because you spend all this time time with those jeans and develop a relationship to them.
I like that thought! And it makes me proud of my country.
Anyway, the store itself was a huge inspiration to me. They produced locally made jeans and clothes and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful. A must see in Nashville.

detta är bilder från en fantastisk affär i Nashville som jag och Ellen sprang på. Ett skrädderi och affär i ett, där de producerade plagg, speciellt jeans, på plats. Närproducerat till tusen. Det gillar vi!

Love it! Imogene and Willie is the place



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