from Minnesota to Tynnered

Since my marvellous Minneapolisian friend made my day the other day I am writing this in english.
The other day I was sure my new Iphone had arrived when I got a note from the postman that a package was waiting for me. I can tell you I was surprised when this big package, which was way too big for an Iphone, were placed  in my hands.

Then a big smile were placed on my lips when I realized I was holding in my hands my favourite kind of gift – a package from Kara!

Yes. Remember I placed Kara Kurth as one of the 5 women right now that inspire me? Oh yes how she inspire me! And so she has for the last 10 years since I got to know her. Her and I shared a bunkbed for 9 months in Norway back in the days which meant it was hard not to become close friends and sisters overseas. She has been a beautiful inspiration to me ever since as one of the most creative, inventive, sparkling, loving, caring, strengthening, encouraging, forgiving persons I have ever met. She sees beauty in small things and her whole life is such a piece of art. Enough said: You still are a blessing in my life my dear Kara.

Here she is – pretty pretty carrying baby nr. 2

So then. What was inside the package…? (which little e was very eager to help opening)

It contained a lovely scarf

a pretty polkadotted purse

and pretty polkadotted pj´s

a framed picture (that made me miss you so much Kara) with hearts right where we´re located saying:  it´s not that far…really

this little funny beauty

a shopping bag for little e

which made him want to hit the mall straight away 🙂

a lovely letter

with a picture of two birds on front (blink blink ellen)

nad the: two perfectly fitted vintage dresses!!! Oh you know me so well…

Offcourse this all makes me miss you madly. I love you and my hopes are still there for a sweet meet this summer.




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