This is how it will work:

  • You want to buy a thing
  • Use your smartphone or computer to upload information about the thing
  • The CoSume Project will tell your selected networks of friends via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or whatever you like. (This is important; this is something for you and your close friends – people you trust and share your everyday life with, away from keyboard).
  • One of these three things will happen:
  1. Your friends says ”Don’t buy it. You can get one from me” or ”Borrow one from me because I’m not using it anyway.”
  2. Your friends says it’s a no-go because of quality, ethics or simply ”MAN! You don’t really need that.”
  3. You can buy it together with your friends. Why should each and every one of you buy the same board game if you can buy one and share it? (it’s probably the same group that you’re gonna play the board game with anyway).”


Kolla in videon. Vad säger ni? En vän till mig har hittat på det här. Tanker är att vi ska skapa ett system tillsammans som kan hjälpa oss att konsumera mindre och mer medvetet. Det vore ju grymt bra men… Tror ni det kan funka?

Check the video out. It´s in english. What do you say? A friend of mine started this. You think this could work? 




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